Saturday, June 30, 2012

One Ordinary Road~

ive been not posting for quite some time now, so i thought of giving another set of pictures as consolation for you loves! <3 i honestly loved all the comments that i got from my previous post. keep on sending 'em, i wont fail on treating you loads of my levitation snaps the next time. cool comments are pushing me do better always. so here ya go guys! x
(i hate Cats. No Kidding)
(which do you think is better? this shot or the next one?)
(for the benefit of the doubt, it's really me who's levitating. lol. here's my full body shot. lmao.) thanks for reading loves! x happy blogging! -Dannah

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The month of being back in school has come. June. So, officially, summer vacation is over. some feels that going back to school is kinda boring. cant blame 'em. i was before that kind of thinker when i was still studying. i think it's just normal to some students to feel nauseous about learning things over and over again...repeatedly.

 it's been almost two years since i graduated from college. and to be honest, i REALLY miss being in school. -_- i kid not. seriously. really. i guess, everyone who already had finished school does. oh well.. life. weird sometimes. i know. lol.

anyhowwwww... i got new photos here. wohoo! what i meant in new is, i tried experimenting with my camera and did adding stories to my photos. i just fell inlove with le new style of levitation :) and to my 6year old yellow backpack! teehee :3 what im wearing are the ones that i usually use in school back then.      

 and please meet my babies! a ballet shoe-typed of boots :) adorable pair, ayt? <3 aww that's all i got for this post loves! thanks for reading and supporting mg blog! <3 till the next post!
happy blogging!

 xx Dannah