Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hi guys! i wanna share to you some outtake snaps taken during the project|miracle photo shoot :) i really am so excited to share this one, here ya go!

im wearing a sheer top here paired with a high-waisted shorts, (all skin-toned pieces, you know how really am crazy over classy nude tones! teehee :3) plus my fave wedge and some accesories! (this is the 1st set of outfit i worn)

the shoot wouldnt be complete without me taking a self-portrait! lol.

i took some quick snaps right after i had my hair and makeup done :)

lol i even grabbed my churchmate, Ate Prech to join me do the camwhoring. haha

and this is me while letting ze gorgeous hair/make up artist, Tetay, do his magic :)

and yay! hair extension! :)

yey im all ready to have my picture taken! i feel so blessed i was photographed by such a great photographer, Zham! he never gets tired of directing, he would really guide each model what to do. kudos to you and the whole Project|Miracle team! :)

(these are just outtake shots, wait for the official photos til it comes out, even me i havent seen 'em yet. ill surely post it here.)

photo taken with le co-participants :)

i was with ze gorgeous, Julie Ann Lozada It's Girl Thing (girl on my left)

thank God the shoot went well! all the glory is His!

thanks for reading guys! keep on inspiring me!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

ain't no a Nikon shooter.

hey guys! it's been a while since i last updated this space. aww, i owe you lots of posts! but yea, im here to console you thru this one :)

this was me, shot a pre-nup using a nikon camera (Nikon D300s with a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens)yay! im actually a Canon shooter but since all of my co-photographers are using Nikon, i should also know how pull off a shoot with a Nikon! lol

and ze belt-pack!!! No? :)

btw, how is your weekend going so far? :)