Monday, May 28, 2012


i deeply feel excited about posting tonight. i just got back from a 5day camp in Isabela, PH. i went there with my churchmates and some of our Church's Pastors and leaders. it really feels surreal 'til now that we have touched many lives back there. we held services, bible studies, discipleships, and the highlight was, we committed ourselves into prayer and fasting for 3days. can you imagine the starving that we felt was like? However, that did not stop us from worshipping and adoring God. in fact, we feel energized and more hyped! yes, it was God's power that sustained and satisfied us. :)praise God!

on our 2nd day, after our afternoon discipleship, i still managed to take foots for my blog. hehe. i kidnapped my churchmate and asked him to take snaps of me and my colourblocked outfit. cant go home without atleast grabbing the opportuinity of taking pics in such a lovely place!

as you can see in the whole background, this is a cornfield, the farmers have already harvested the corns weeks before we came over. but there are still some baby corns left, so i picked some. lolollll.
planting corn is the main source of living in the province of Isabela, i feel so proud of the farmers that i met there, they plant on weekdays, but on weekends specially sundays, you cant see them anywhere else but in God's temple. that's how devoted they are in serving Jesus. so im no doubting how God blesses them with abundant soil and crops.
now i suddenly missed them. the welcoming people, wonderful place, fresh air and the extreme sunlight. (have some of you noticed that my skin got a lil darker? but i love it though! :>)

and yey, another levitation that this blogpost cant go without :) im levitating on the top of peeled corns! lolll.
and before i end writing this post, i just wanna tell you that we must not embrace religion, we must focus on building a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. im no religious, i just have an intimate relationship with my Saviour. <3 if you're moved by the Holy Spirit, just tell me, feel free in commenting and i'll pray for you.. 

thanks for reading guys!!
God bless y'all!

 xx Dannah

Thursday, May 3, 2012

hint of tangerine~

been away. sarry guys i rarely get to post lately. but tonight finally! yey :) i tried levitating.. (again) i really havent done this in so long. while i was doing the tricky shots, i realized that i last did the same thing like a year ago. should i kill myself now? lol, i kid. :p
okay now.. about my outfit, im wearing an old navy bikini bra. i opted not to pair it with a too revealing piece but with a highwaisted trousers instead. (so it wont show much of my skin.)
and i also tried pairing it with my polka dot maxi skirt. dont you love the patterns? :) the pieces i paired with my bikini are the ones that i never have ever worn before. ive freed them today! whoot! :> let's end summer guys! :)

heres a close up shot of how i done my hair. upside-down french braid bun style <3
and oww btw, i wanna thank a co-blogger Sarah Q - Sparkle Baby Shine for nominating me on Liebster Award. you might want to check it out here. :)thanks dear!
that's all! thanks foh reading loves!

 xx Dannah