Sunday, April 1, 2012

summer is just around the corner~

how do you guys spending summer so far? :) summer vacation or summer stay-cation at home? no, lol.ΓΌ

me, working.. but i look forward to a summer trip this lenten season! yay! :)

btw, this is me, standing under the strong sunlight. real summer.

and yes please say hello to my new babies!!! new shoes! :) arent they looking adorable?

and i love how playful my top is. it just flows perfectly as i turn around and do the dress flipping and twisting for the sake of a good picture. lmao
(im wearing brown flower contact lenses here.)

thanks for reading guys! i really hope that you are having a great summer! xx

lasty, just wanna promote the unveiled issue of SHOT Magazine, Volume V- Infinity Issue with the Boys Night Out and Ramon Bautista on the cover. i really feel blessed that my photographs are part of this issue so pls make sure youll grab a copy! thanks guys!!! :)

God bless!